Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Beading Challenge Is Launched ... !!!

Hi Everyone!

The challenge is officially launched!

We have a total of 10 entries this time. I love the range of entries - each captures the season perfectly and there are some very original ideas. Truly inspiring - choosing your favourite is not going to be easy ... There are only two entries in the Beginners Category (No. 3 and No. 6) so each has a pretty good chance of winning!

To view the entries, please go over to our Facebook page

Once you have chosen your favourite from each category, please email your 2 choices to us at , or post your vote right here on our blog. All votes must include your name and email address, plus a few words explaining your reason for each choice.

The entries with the most votes in each category by 5pm on May 8th will be the winners.

Please refer to the list of guidelines on our website if you require further information on voting, or any aspect of the challenge.

So, it's time to choose your favourite and get those votes in!

Happy Beading and Voting!!!




  1. All beautiful entries ....
    My votes are:
    OPEN CATEGORY: Entry No. 7 - "Blaze of Beauty" Necklace by June Butt.
    BEGINNERS CATEGORY: Entry No. 6 from Katherine Wright
    Eileen Barnett ... a trademe buyer :)

  2. Hi Eileen! Thanks for your votes :)

  3. My vote is for Southern Jewels In the open category :)